Death Changes Everything...                         
We Understand.
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Networking Affiliates

Gabaldon Mortuary in Albuquerque, New Mexico proudly coordinates our services with several affiliates locally, nationally and internationally, whose standards are high to help service our community. We are dedicated to providing families and loved ones with the peace of mind that we have their needs covered.


We have a variety of products available to assist our clients in planning their memorial or funeral services including:

  • Rental Caskets
  • Cremation Urns
  • Cremation Caskets
  • Floral Tributes
  • Memorial Items
  • Vaults
  • Clothing

Gabaldon Mortuary in Albuquerque, New Mexico can also provide the headstone or monument of your choice to commemorate your loved one. You can personally design this memorial piece during the arrangements or at a time that is more convenient for you and your family.


Gabaldon Mortuary supports healing through education. We are affiliated with a wide variety of support services to help you and your family through the grieving process. Through these services, we help connect you to a community of support to help you transition through the grieving process to a place of understanding and healing. Please visit our support services page for a full list that includes services such as:

  • Albuquerque Area Grief & Loss Resources
  • Bereavement Support Group
  • Military Widows and survivors
  • Suicide Survivors
  • Grief Counseling
  • Support Services for Friends of the Bereaved

In addition to connecting you with support services during this difficult time, we also have affiliations with local and national companies that provide gifts of remembrance and comfort.


Gabaldon Mortuary is affiliated with several in the industry to provide the best services to you during this time of grieving and healing. Our affiliates include:

  • NFDA
  • CANA
  • Green Burial
  • BBB
  • Hispano Chamber of Commerce
  • NM Funeral Service Association

Gabaldon Mortuary in Albuquerque, New Mexico

Gabaldon Mortuary understands that losing a loved one is a hard process and is a natural occurrence we all experience at some point in our life. We are dedicated to providing you with the best services possible to heal during the grieving time while planning a memorial or funeral service for your loved one. With our network of affiliates in the mortuary and funeral industry, we coordinate to create your loved one’s final wishes with respect, care and understanding. Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can help your family and friends get through this process.

Call 505-243-7861 to speak with a licensed funeral director at Gabaldon Mortuary in Albuquerque, New Mexico today.