Death Changes Everything...                         
We Understand.
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When we have a lost a loved one, the grieving process can sometimes become overwhelming with emotions. This is a normal and natural process for a person who has experienced a loss, and grieving is different for everyone.

Gabaldon Mortuary in Albuquerque, New Mexico supports the process of healing through education and wants to help you with your aftercare process, helping transition from the funeral and the emotions of the immediate loss to helping surviving family members deal with the emotions and practical matters that will arise.

Joining Support Groups

Joining a local or national support group can aid you in the healing process while you grieve for the loss of a loved one. Gabaldon Mortuary provides a list of support services to help you process your emotions and get back to track with your health.

These resources include:

  • Grief & Loss Support Services
  • Grief Counseling for Families and Friends
  • Homicide Death & Sudden Death Report Services
  • Support Services for Suicide Survivors and Homicide Survivors
  • Support Services for Military Families and Friends
  • Support Services for Friends of the Bereaved

Gabaldon Mortuary is able to give our grieving families resources and contacts for local support groups as well as referrals to professional grief counselors. We want to help and provide our services with the utmost compassion and understanding toward your loss.

Advance Planning

Advance planning for your own funeral, or your loved one’s, can help to alleviate some of the stress placed on surviving, grieving members of the family. By taking care of as much funeral planning as possible in advance, you save your loved ones the trouble of handling these logistical issues while navigating their own grief.

Gabaldon Mortuary wants to help you prepare in advance when possible. That is why we offer advance planning insurance to help you prepay for any funeral costs and make sure that your services are exactly the way you want them to be. By advance planning through a will and other arrangements, you are helping your family and friends grieve properly for your passing rather than have to worry about tying up loose details. Contact us today and get more information about how to plan in advance to help your loved ones in their aftercare and yours.

Call 505-243-7861 to speak with a licensed funeral director at Gabaldon Mortuary in Albuquerque, New Mexico today about aftercare when loved one has passed.

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