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Benefits of Cremation in Albuquerque, NM

Choosing how to honor your loved one after their passing can be difficult. An option that many families are choosing to pay tribute to their loved ones is cremation. The family and staff at Gabaldon Mortuary can explain the benefits of cremation services to help you decide if this is the right option for your family. There are many meaningful ways to personalize and customize cremation services.

Why Choose Cremation Servicesurn

Your cremation can be exactly what you want it to be. Benefits of cremation include:

    Once cremation is complete, you have the option to keep your loved ones. If you ever choose to move, you can know your loved one’s cremains can be taken with you, too.

    Large burial plots and other services can become costly. Cremation offers you the opportunity to give your loved one a dignified service at a usually affordable price. Cremation choices range from holding a public visitation with services to a simplified memorial service.

    Cremation can be made greener by forgoing embalming, cremating green caskets and choosing a cremation disposition that conserves land such as scattering of the ashes.

    Since remains can be transported easily, they offer your family more flexibility and personalization during the process. For example, you can choose to display an urn in your home, bury the cremains at the cemetery, or scatter the cremains.

A compassionate licensed funeral director from Gabaldon Mortuary can help you plan your loved one’s cremation and funeral services that fit within your means and wishes.

Affordable Cremation Services at Gabaldon Mortuary

Here at Gabaldon Mortuary, we want to help you honor your loved one in a dignified and respectful way that is within your means. You can discuss your wishes with your licensed funeral director during your arrangement conference. Contact the compassionate family at Gabaldon Mortuary today.

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