Death Changes Everything...                         
We Understand.
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Steps to Take When a Death Occurs

The caring staff at Gabaldon Mortuary will help guide your through the steps you are required to take after your loved one dies. We arrange all the details after your place your loved one in our care, including obtaining a death certificate, burial transport permit and transportation to the final resting place:

    The Death Certificate
    Depending on where your loved one died, the pronouncing doctor will sign the death certificate. You’ll then contact our funeral services directors, who will ask questions about your loved one, including the birth date, residence and occupation, which we include on the death certificate before filing it with the county health department.

    transport your loved one. Hospitals may allow a body to remain for 48 hours, but nursing homes and hospices usually require bodies to be transported shortly after death.

    Arrangement Conference
    You’ll meet with our funeral services director for an arrangement conference. Our funeral services are customized to your needs. We will organize with the cemetery to ensure that you meet all of the cemetery’s requirements for burial, such as a burial vault, and help you create a meaningful service if that is your wish.

    Burial Transit Permit
    This is a permit that allows our funeral directors to transport a human body out of city limits for final disposition. Our funeral services take the death certificate to file it within 72 hours at the county health department.

    Veteran’s Funeral Planning
    If your loved one is a veteran, you’ll want to contact the Veteran’s Association. Otherwise, you can begin funeral planning with our directors. If the deceased made preneed funeral arrangements, you’ll want to follow their wishes as closely as possible.

Funeral planning is entirely your decision, and you should never feel pressured to spend more for added services when working with a funeral home. Whether you choose direct burial, cremation or a traditional funeral service is up to you. Find a trusted funeral home staffed by licensed funeral directors who put your needs at the center of funeral planning.

Compassionate Funeral Services

At Gabaldon Mortuary, our licensed funeral directors are funeral planning experts who understand that every family has unique desires and budgets. We strive to match your needs and resources with services that honor your loved one in a meaningful way. Contact us to meet with a funeral director in Albuquerque, New Mexico today.

For help with funeral planning in Albuquerque, New Mexico, contact Gabaldon Mortuary at 505-243-7861 today.