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Coping with Grief

Working through or coping with grief involves a lot of emotions.  Gabaldon Mortuary in Albuquerque, New Mexico understands that grief is never an easy thing to deal with and that it is a normal emotion to experience after a loved one dies.

Grief is a Normal Emotion

Grief is a natural process, but coping with grief is vital to a person’s mental and physical health. Grieving is individualized, and there is no way to determine the longevity of this feeling. However, the sooner individuals begin talking about their loss, the sooner they overcome their grief. Some ways to deal with grief include:

  • Participating in Rituals: Engage and participate in rituals of mourning, including funeral services, memorial services and other forms of funeralization for your loved one.
  • Being with Others: When dealing with grief, being around others and having their support will help you heal and from feeling alone.
  • Talking about It: We don’t mean you need to talk about it all the time, but you can if you feel you need and want to. Talking about how you feel is a reflective way to heal from loss.
  • Joining Support Groups: If you have no one to talk with, try seeking a support group. Gabaldon Mortuary can help you find someone to talk to through our support services
  • Being Patient: When dealing with grief, the process can sometimes be a long, arduous and even lifetime experience. For others it may be a shorter process. It is different for everyone.
  • Seeking Professional Counseling: Sometimes when dealing with grief, seeking the help of a professional is needed. Grief counseling may help you understand the grieving process and heal faster.

Another way you can help family members deal with grief is to advance planning your funeral. None of us like to think about death, but when we prepare by creating a will and planning your funeral arrangements in advance, you can relieve them of the task and start the grieving process. Gabaldon Mortuary will guide you through the planning process with compassion and understanding as we offer advance planning insurance that prepays for arrangements. We make sure your wishes are carried out exactly how you want and that your family has the counseling and support they need when dealing with their grief.

Gabaldon Mortuary Understands

Gabaldon Mortuary in Albuquerque has helped families dealing with grief since 1948. We understand that the grieving process is different for every individual and that there are ways to help them cope. We can connect you or your bereaving loved ones to a support group or grief counseling that will help you heal and live life again. Death is nothing anyone likes to think about, but by preparing for it now, you can help your loved ones dealing with the grief of your loss in the future. Contact Gabaldon Mortuary today to discuss advance planning a funeral or seeking support through grief counseling or community groups.

Gabaldon Mortuary in Albuquerque, New Mexico understands that grief is a normal emotion and wants to help. Call 505-243-7861 to get connected to grief counseling support services today.

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