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Metal Caskets

Gabaldon Mortuary provides a variety of metal caskets for Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Metal caskets are beautiful, eye-catching, and come in a wide range of durability, style and affordability points. Stainless steel, copper and bronze and carbon steel are the most popular.

Bronze & Copper Caskets

Bronze and copper are among the most popular caskets due to their beauty and durability. Many families choose these materials because they are naturally non-rusting and offer superior strength compared to other caskets. Gabaldon Mortuary offers a wide variety of styles, colors and features, allowing you to select a casket suited to your preferences.

Stainless Steel CasketsBurial Casket

The first protective steel caskets were manufactured in the 20th Century and have remained popular due to their quality and reputation for longevity. Steel caskets feature a top made with a single sheet of steel, providing strength. The sides and bottom of the casket are welded together, providing a seal from the elements. Many steel caskets are equipped with a solid rubber gasket that forms an effective seal.

Metal caskets are available in 18 and 20-gauge thickness. Our carbon steel caskets come in a wide selection of colors, finishes and personalization features and are our most popular floor model to date.

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Personalized metal caskets from Gabaldon Mortuary can be customized with personalized touches such as decorative head panels and removable decorative corners.

The licensed funeral directors at Gabaldon Mortuary provide your family with the best funeral services possible, treating your loved one with the dignity and care he or she deserves. To find out more about metal caskets or other burial caskets in Albuquerque, NM, contact us today to speak with a funeral director.

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