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Funeral Personalization

Personalizing a funeral service makes it more meaningful to the loved ones of the deceased. Unique personalization is how you memorialize the life of your loved one, conveying the joy and meaning of his or her life to friends and family offering their support.

Gabaldon Mortuary provides a wide variety of options to make each funeral service a personal tribute to the life lived. From casket selection to service folders, traditional cemetery monuments to headstone engravings, we work to celebrate your loved one’s hobbies and interests.

How to Personalize a Funeral

More and more families are choosing to create funerals that emphasize the life, work and hobbies of their loved one. Personalized funeral arrangements are meaningful and comforting to the bereaved who gather to share memories and honor the deceased. A few ideas to personalize a funeral:

    Casket & Casket Inserts
    Gabaldon Mortuary provides a wide selection of wood and metal caskets in a variety of colors and finishes. Our personalized casket inserts encourage telling the story of your loved one’s life through photographs, paintings, prayers and more.

    Cremation Urns & Keepsakes
    We provide a vast selection of cremation urns and keepsake urns in a variety of sizes, colors and materials to meet your needs. Our selection includes wood, metal and stone decorative urns, as well as small keepsake urns that have the appearance of a fine sculpture. Custom engraving is available.

    Memorial Service Folders
    Our memorial folders can be personalized with photos, illustrations, prayers or anything that is meaningful to you. Memorial service folders can tell the story of your loved one’s life and become a keepsake treasured by your family for years to come.

    Online Memorial
    Gabaldon Mortuary can set up an online memorial or guestbook that honors your loved one. An online memorial celebrates the personal life story of your loved ones and allows friends and family to leave their condolences online.

    Headstone Engravings custom tomb stone
    Headstone engravings could feature a touching epithet that reflects the life of your loved one. The headstone engraving could also be a favorite photograph, unique symbol or graphic design.

    Cemetery Monuments
    Cemetery monuments come in a wide variety of markers, gravestones, memorials and headstones. Statues of angels and other religious figures can also adorn your loved one’s plot.

    Personal Items
    Our funeral directors can help you set up a display of personal memorabilia, such as photos, awards and items that symbolize your loved one’s hobbies, such as tools or items from a collection.

    Photos & Slideshows
    Plenty of opportunities to display photos exist at a funeral service. Projectors can be used to display a picture slideshow of the deceased. Pictures can also be used in the program or on keepsakes. Gabaldon Mortuary can help you create a collage that can be presented at the funeral service.

    Memory Writings
    One classic way to remember the deceased is to ask friends and family to write down a memory in a collective book or on notecards.

    Floral Tribute
    Gabaldon is happy to arrange floral tributes to the deceased on your behalf. Personalized floral tributes are a growing trend. An example is including items that reflect your loved one’s hobbies or passions.

Memorialization is the first step in the journey of healing from the loss of a loved one. Allow us to help you make funeral arrangements that capture the history, personality and achievements of your loved one. At Gabaldon Mortuary, we strive to complete any requests you may have to memorialize the deceased.

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Making arrangements after the death of a loved one may feel overwhelming, but the funeral directors and staff at Gabaldon Mortuary are here to help. You can call us any time, day or night, to discuss funeral services. Contact us to reach our Albuquerque, New Mexico mortuary today.

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