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Memorial Products

Memorial gifts and products are important part of the grieving process as they memorialize your loved one and serve as a permanent reminder of their life. Gabaldon Mortuary is proud to offer fine memorial gifts and products in Albuquerque, New Mexico, including burial caskets, vaults, cremation urns, custom headstones and monuments.

Burial Caskets

Our beautiful burial casket selection includes metal, bronze, copper, hardwood, softwood and cloth-covered caskets at different price points to meet your needs. Caskets can be adorned with elegant fabrics, photos, memorabilia, commemorative panels, embroidered overthrows and much more. Our funeral directors will help you understand how to personalize a casket and show you all of your options for doing so. Attractive rental caskets are also available to view your loved one when cremation is the final disposition.

Funeral Urns

Funeral urns range from ornate designs for display to simple urns used during scattering ceremonies. We carry a large array of excellent cremation urns, including adult-sized urns, child urns, keepsake urns and scattering tubes. Urns may be buried, placed in the care of the deceased’s loved ones or scattered in a special place or environment the deceased was fond of. We have a large array suitable for your tastes, such as beautiful wood urns, custom designed urns, ceramic, porcelain and metal urns. Custom engraving is available.

Floral Tributes

Our staff is happy to assist you by having lovely floral arrangements delivered and displayed at memorial, visitation and funeral services. Flowers are a way to express love, sympathy and respect for the deceased. You may order floral tributes from our list of support services.

Memorial Items

Memorial items reflect and celebrate the life of your loved one. We carry meaningful memorial books, memorialmemorial cards with or without photo, memorial sets, customized service folders, memorial candles, bookmarkers, acknowledgement cards, jewelry and more.

  • Cremation
  • Crosses
  • Crucifixes
  • Praying hands
  • Thank you cards
  • Candles


A burial vault, or outer enclosure, is a sturdy container designed to protect the coffin from earth load and possesses sealing qualities. It is placed into the ground before burial and the casket is lowered into it. Some cemeteries may require a vault or grave liner. A grave liner is an outer enclosure that offers protection for the earth load but without sealing qualities. Our funeral directors can assist you with this decision or requirement.


If you need help clothing the deceased, we offer classic women’s dresses and men’s suits and are happy to assist you in choosing clothing. Our staff is committed to carrying out your wishes for how you would like clothing and accessories to be placed on the deceased.

Custom Headstones & Monuments

You may personally design a headstone to memorialize your loved one during the arrangement conference or at a more convenient time for your family. The headstone may be customized to include a favorite photo, graphic or personalized description.

Our Family Serving Your Family for Over 60 Years

At Gabaldon Mortuary, we assist families in planning memorial and funeral services that are a beautiful tribute to the life lived. Whether you are planning a funeral service for a loved one or need to plan your funeral, our licensed funeral directors and staff can help. Contact us day or night to speak with a member of our Albuquerque, NM mortuary.

Discover how to honor your loved one with unique memorial items at Gabaldon Mortuary. Contact our Albuquerque, NM funeral home at 505-243-7861 today.