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Understanding Grief

The stages and experiences of grief are universal, yet grief is a very personal process. Gabaldon Mortuary in Albuquerque, NM understands that the grieving process can often be a difficult journey to go through, but we want you to know that you are not alone.

In our lifetime, we experience some form of loss and grief…

Grief is a highly normal response to loss. Grieving is a natural process that one experiences after losing someone close to them. It can be an extremely powerful process that transforms a person and can possibly be difficult to cope with. Gabaldon Mortuary is here to help you get through the process of grieving. Our family-owned business supports healing through education and assistance getting back to living life.

Death of a Parent, Child or Sibling by Suicide

The loss of a parent, child or sibling can be devastating. Gabaldon Mortuary believes that understanding the grieving process is an important step toward healing. The better you understand this process, the better equipped you are to begin healing yourself and helping a bereaving friend or family member at the same time.

These are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Everyone Grieves Differently – The grieving process is not the same for every person and does not always come in predictable stages. It can often be a rollercoaster of emotions for the person bereaving the loss of loved one. Grief is a normal emotion. There is no right or wrong way to grieve. It is a process, and it is important to be patient.
  • Extreme Emotions / Behaviors – Feelings of being overwhelmed with guilt, despair, sadness, loneliness, anger and fear are normal to have while grieving. Do not take another person’s reactions while grieving personally. Emotions related to grief may come and go over the span of several years for some people. Not everyone will follow the same path of recovery.
  • No Set Time Limit – Grieving lasts a different length of time for everyone. For many it can take 18 to 24 months to feel healed, while others may take longer or shorter. The type of death, the mourner’s relationship to the deceased and the availability of support systems can all affect the grieving process. Do not feel pressured to heal quickly. The grieving process takes its own time for everyone. For some, it can be a lifelong process.


Gabaldon Mortuary is here to support you. We have been helping families and loved ones understand grief since 1948, and we want to help you. You do not have to grieve alone.

Visit our Support Page

If you or people you know are needing services to help you understand the grieving process and learn to heal again, visit our support services page or contact us directly. We provide a list of local and national support groups to help you become part of a community of support. These communities will provide you with education, support and understanding as you journey through your own grieving process. For more information on understanding grief and getting support for you or a loved one, contact Gabaldon Mortuary in Albuquerque.

Call 505-243-7861 to speak with someone at Gabaldon Mortuary in Albuquerque, New Mexico about finding support for the grieving process.

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