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Urn Vault

When choosing a final disposition for your loved one, many families choose a cremation followed by urn burial and a way to protect this purchase is to choose an urn vault. Like burial vaults, an urn vault is a durable outer enclosure that protects a cremation urn from time and outside elements.

From the classic elegance of marble to the sophisticated appearance of metal, Gabaldon Mortuary carries a vast selection of funeral urns and urn vaults in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Some cemeteries require urn vaults for urn burial. Our licensed funeral directors can help you understand those requirements and meet them.

Why Get an Urn Vault?

Wood cremation urns are certain to weaken and collapse; thin metal urns will likely corrode as well, over time. Urn vaults offer peace of mind that the cremains are protected after an urn burial. Most urn vaults are constructed with metal or non-biodegradable polystyrene.

Here at Gabaldon Mortuary, we’ll work with you to help make an informed decision about your or your loved one‘s remains. If the choice you make involves an urn vault, we will help you find the exact one you need.

See our Urn Vault Collection

While there are many difficult choices to make after the loss of a loved one, Gabaldon Mortuary is staffed with licensed funeral directors committed to helping you memorialize your loved one in a beautiful way. We are open seven days a week to take care of all of your cremation and funeral planning needs. Contact us to speak with an Albuquerque, NM funeral director.

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