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Wood Caskets

Wood caskets are classic and beautiful. Hardwood caskets have a stately look that reflects the quality craftsmanship put into them. The natural features of our wood caskets are enhanced through hand-carved details, hand-rubbed finishes and multiple sandings.  Caskets can be crafted and personalized to your exact wants and requirements, to create a connection to the deceased.

Hardwood & Softwood Caskets

Gabaldon Mortuary carries hardwood and softwood caskets, including mahogany, walnut, cherry, maple, pecan, oak, poplar, and pine.wooden casket Hardwood caskets are made with solid lumber and come in a wide range of models, colors and finishes. Natural graining patterns are unique, so no two wood caskets are alike.

Wood Laminate Caskets

Wood laminate caskets provide an affordable option. These are plywood caskets with hardwood strips affixed to the surface. Laminate material is sanded and polished, with a glossy finish.

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Caskets can be equipped with inner panels, decals, pictures, and customized removable corners. Caskets can be personalized with special linings, a photo of your loved one or anything else that brings meaning to your loved one’s funeral. Gabaldon Mortuary is the premier provider of wood caskets in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

At Gabaldon Mortuary, we assist families in planning funeral services that are a beautiful tribute to the life lived. Our licensed funeral directors will take you through every step of the funeral planning process, from planning the service to transportation to the final resting place so you can rest assured your loved one receives the honor they deserve. Contact us to speak with an Albuquerque, NM funeral director.

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